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March & April 2019 Specials

New Toilet - $395 (includes disposal of old toilet)

Complete Toilet Package includes:


  • Installation
  • *Glacier Bay Toilet, white, elongated, comfort height
  • New Seat – white plastic
  • One wax ring & toilet bolts kit
  • Disposal of the old toilet
  • *While supplies last
    *Additional costs may apply

Note: It may be a good idea to replace, or upgrade,  the water supply valve and/or flex supply line located behind your toilet (optional). Your service technician can discuss this with you.

Drain Cleaning - Entire House Special - $395

Includes Snaking or Cleaning of:


  • Building Sewer (must have “clean-out,” access)
  • Kitchen Sink Line (1)
  • Laundry Line (1)
  • Bathroom Sinks (2)
  • Tubs or Showers (2)
  • Utility Sink (1)

*Additional charges may apply
Drain cleaning services do not guarantee drainage. Many conditions effect drain efficiency such as age, corrosion, build up, grease, roots, disconnected or crushed fittings or construction debris. Blue Plumbing & Drain Cleaning does not accept responsibility for these conditions, which may be correctable at an additional charge. Price does not include exterior drains or troubled lines. Drips or leaks in related drain pipe or fittings may occur due to aged seals or fittings or other conditions, below cabinets etc., during the normal process of drain cleaning . BP&DC does not warranty adjacent fittings or appurtenances, but may repair them at additional cost. Lines must be clearable using standard drain cleaning equipment to qualify for price.


Mention this coupon and save $25 on your next service. Good on jobs over $100


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